Made locally in the USA & Canada

Our Product Line

Custom LED lighting designed for retail, architectural, and signage applications.

Our Product Line

Custom LED lighting designed for retail, architectural, and signage applications.

photo of square LumiSheet LED light panel

Original LED Light Panel

curved LumiSheet Flex LED light panel on grey
LumiSheet Flex

2 mm LED Light Panel

square LumiFrost LED light panel, on grey

Frameless Diffused LED Light Panel

square LumiFixt LED light fixture, on grey

LED Backlighting Fixture

LumiStick LED light bar, on grey

Customizable LED Light Bar

LumiStick Mini slim LED light bar photo
LumiStick Mini

Super Slim LED Light Bar

LumiStick Mini Frost slim diffused LED light bar, on white
LumiStick Mini Frost

Slim LED Light Bar With Diffuser

LumiStick S linkable LED light bar with diffusers
LumiStick S

Linkable LED Light Bar

LumiStrip LED light tape

LED Light Tape

Lumi Light Box #13 slim LED light box, on black
Lumi Light Box #13

Thin Single-Sided Snap Frame

DLC LumiSheet Lumi Light Box #14 on grey
Lumi Light Box #14

Standard Single-Sided Snap Frame

Lumi Light Box 15 Lumi Light Box #15 double-sided led light bo, hanging, hanging
Lumi Light Box #15

Standard Double-Sided Snap Frame

Lumi Light Box #18 LumiFabric pulled back, on grey
Lumi Light Box #18 LumiFabric

Frameless Look With Fabric Graphics

Lumi Light Box #26 magnetic light box frame options, on grey
Lumi Light Box #26

Single-Sided Magnetized Frame

Lumi Light Box #27 double sided magnetic led light box without graphics
Lumi Light Box #27

Double-Sided Magnetized Frame

Lumi Light Box #28 Textura round and square frames
Lumi Light Box #28 Textura

Top Loading Frame With Custom Finishes

DLC LumiSheet AC Type LED Tube
AC Type LED Tube

T5 Linear Lighting

LED light channel front view on grey
LED Light Channel

Aluminum U-Channel With LumiSheet

LED Module 155, lit on grey
LED Module 155

Wide Angle Backlighting Module

LED Module 250, on grey
LED Module 250

High Output Side Lighting / Backlighting LED Module

LumiCurtain LED curtain

Super Bright LED Curtain

Omni Control
Omni Control

Touch LED Controller For Mirrors